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melee weapon concept: chainsaw blade


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we don't have chainsaws in warframe other than the ripkas and they're claws...

would love to have a chainsaw sword weapon a new weapon type that has 2 unique mechanic:

1.on doing a charge attack activate the chainsaw motor which will change your weapon's combos and how they work, now each and every melee strike will focus your chainsaw on the enemy dealing continuous damage, each tick of damage will cause a proc on the enemy that lets the weapon ignores a percentage of enemy armor..that attack will stagger the enemy once...and you are immobile while you're cleaving the enemy with your chainsaw...hold your melee attack button to deactivate the chainsaw and go back to your normal melee strings

2.while in your chain saw mode: aim your crosshair on an enemy far away from the weapon's hitbox reach and attack to leap towards that enemy (similar to valkyr's hysteria augment)


so basically this weapon has two modes of combos...the first mode is the normal one, a typical melee weapon with typical combos...the second mode after activating it with a charge attack is the chainsaw mode...this mode has no combos only one attack that you spam on the enemy, this mode helps you to easily cleave through tough enemies and cut them down with a chainsaw like a berserker, with each tick of damage ignoring more and more enemy armor, with the penalty of loosing your mobility while you focus your chainsaw...but if the enemy ran away you can still chase them down by leaping at them while in your chainsaw mode

image: saw blade from shadow warrior 

Image result for chainsaw blade concept art

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50 minutes ago, (PS4)boilerhogbc said:

Could add a charge up, or cool down time.  Also an effect time like the zenistar disc.  I'm sure DE will nerf.

a timer like a zenistar is a simple balance to it


or maybe a charge up mechanic where your combo counter hits determine the amount of hits you can do with this weapon in the chainsaw mode, and each hit with the chains saw mode consumes one point from the combo counter ...an exchange between normal mode and chainsaw mode

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