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Cannot accept Saryn Nitro bundle



When  I attempt to 'purchase' the Saryn Nitro Bundle, from the Market, it goes through the purchase, then immediately tells me the purchase has been cancelled. And yes, I have checked my inventory, the frame is not there.

I have tried restarting discord, warframe and my pc.

I have uninstalled and re-installed discord.

I have tried launching the game through Discord - the offer is not even available, in game, when I do this.

I have tried launching the game through Steam - again, the offer  is not available in game, when I do this.

The only time the offer is available to me, is when I launch the game, through the warframe launcher (my normal method of starting it, anyway).

When the Ash Nitro bundle was available, I just clicked it on the market, and everything was straight forward.

Any ideas what's going on, and how I can accept this Saryn bundle?


nvm I reinstalled discord AGAIN, and started the accepting it process through Nitro AGAIN- it worked this time..

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Problem Resolved
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