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Unwarranted Automatic chat bans - Support's refusal to take actions


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I feel I was improperly suspended from chat through the automated system.

I was responding to someone talking about telling people to kill themselves in-game, telling them that it was not only not tolerated in-game but in fact not tolerated anywhere. The automated system picked up the start of my text and banned me.

Getting banned through the automated system is understandable - it's only a machine. I was annoyed but not angry at this.

However, I immediately opened a support ticket to have this ban overturned and support has replied (twice, after I'd re-opened the ticket) that they would DO NOTHING "because the ban is ONLY up to 14 days."

This ban is keeping me from engaging with friends, trading, communicating and coordinating with players during missions, finding people to play with, etc.

This is all severely negatively impacting my play experience for what is essentially an automated system's decision; a punitive act with no basis, where a human (support) even admitted that no ill intentions were present after reviewing a screenshot of the message that got me banned.

In effect, no matter if the ban is justified or not, if it's automated it is enforced. This is incredibly frustrating. I feel the current system simply encourages me to either not participate in the in-game chat community or to censor myself out of any "serious" topics in order to avoid possible automated chat bans that, even if unwarranted, will not be overturned.

I try to be a positive element in the community; I spend quite a lot of time in Region chat answering questions, giving out common and useful mods that new players are having a hard time getting, helping said new players, etc.

At the VERY LEAST ban me from Region chat but let me communicate with people through PMs and through the squad chat.

The current situation is leaving me intensely sour...

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16 minutes ago, GuiJay said:

"because the ban is ONLY up to 14 days."

Chat bans are normally 7 days.

17 minutes ago, GuiJay said:

The automated system picked up the start of my text and banned me.

That’s the issue, you used a ban phrase. You did t need to use it at all. You can tell people to stop without repeating what they say.

  • You can also just realise it is probably someone being silly and no one will take them seriously. Most people just hit the ignore button.

This topic comes up every single day. The chat ban system is frustrating, but nothing is going to get done about it. The system is working fine. Support will have been told not to reverse the bans, so it’s unlikely to even be their fault either.

  • I am sure there is logic here: if you reverse it for one person many more will try.
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I know it comes up every day but it doesn't make it any less frustrating. Also how can I possibly know every single ban words or phrases?

I understand you need to have "ban words" and an automated system to keep the place at least somewhat sane. However such a system WILL have innocent caught in the crossfire. Not having a way to undo those unwarranted bans is what I'm actually angry about, not the automated chat ban - which again is something I completely understand.

It also wasn't someone being silly or trolling, it was an actual discussion; he said something, I added on top of it.

At this point I'm just going to ignore any serious discussion happening in region chat since you only risk getting ban-hammered with no recourse if you happen to trigger Kickbot. So much for trying to act civilized. It's jokes and trolling from here on out boys - that's the only safe thing to do...

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I agree that they really should change how chat bans work. I don't mind limiting access to region chat or even trade chat, these are public chats and should be moderated. But being banned from squad, dojo and pm's should be left to blocking users. 

I do not know why would support would not unban innocent users, this seems one of those bs things DE somehow manages to pull off without majority of players noticing or caring. Maybe they think they are fine, till it happens to them. And to krc's point, yes more players would try to get unbanned, this is how justice systems work. Innocent until proven guilty and appeal if you think judgement was wrong. Specially in this case where initial judgement is done my a bot. 

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   I don't know why they'd decline lifting it, although many of the punishments seem steep compared to how many that slip by the bot filter. Would be nice that moderators would have to be the ones to issue out the week/2 week bans unless the message contains vulgarity or is done by a "frequent flier".

     Just saying a 2 week ban for even stupid memes as a first time offense is stupid. Let alone if you were trying to help or something and you triggered the filter without trying to circumvent it. Had a clan mate quit because of the punishments. Posted the typical Nezha meme in clan chat with literally only me in there. 2 seconds later it was removed and he was issued a suspension.

    I can get that DE doesn't really want to micromanage, I get it, I wouldn't either. However I can't imagine easing up on the punishments or keywords, or "weighting" comments with keywords so the few genuine messages get through would hurt the community. Region chat is already a cancer. So much gets by the bots that's posted simply out of spite.

   Oh but don't expect DE to respond. On a slow day they don't respond to this. Now with tennocon? When ghouls fly perhaps.

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