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Europa Tileset is unbearable without HDR


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Included are some images for reference. Dunno if this is the right forum or if "Performance" would have been better.

I have a terrible computer for gaming, so I run and essentially the lowest settings. That means leaving High Dynamic Range off. This has caused some problems especially with Orb Vallis where I would exit a dark area and into the snowbound overworld and be blinded immediately to the point where I can barely see anything, and mining ore in rocks just outside the case is a game of guess where the node is. However, this usually fixes itself fairly quickly. I thought turning off Adaptive Exposure might help, but...not really. Whatever, I left it off.

Just now, I was running Marduk and came across this particular part of the Void-Portal-Europa-Assasinatilon-Thing tile, and I literally could not see anything. See screenshots. Just white. Turning on Adaptive Exposure did not help at all. However, on a whim, I turned on HDR and lo and behold, I could see again.

I'd like to not have to potentially sacrifice performance in other areas of the game in order to see said game, please. I think a solution would be to turn down the reflectivity of the ice, though that may not be the problem at all.



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