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Laser Light Show W/ Wisp + Opticor Vandal


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Just a little PSA, simply equip a Wisp w/ 200%+ Strength and reserve one mod slot on your Opticor Vandal for Speed Trigger. Mote of haste just freed up one of your machine gun Opticor mod slots 😆

Build more strength on your Wisp until the Opticor Vandal fires to your liking (Note: There is a ceiling in terms of fire rate though. You probably need a macro to make it trigger more than semi-automatic.)


Here's My Build For Reference:




If you have friends to faff around with consider having them run other buff frames (i.e.: Toxic Chroma, Harrow, my boi Rhino, etc.)

Have fun and don't crash your PCs/Consoles >:)

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Yes, you’re exactly right. I’ve been doing this for all of my weapons actually. It’s a win/win situation for me. Not only does Wisp get better buffs, but my weapons as well as I basically free up a slot that fire rate/atk speed mods would otherwise use.

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