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I was able to recieve and complete the New Strange quest WITHOUT clearing the junction to Europa.


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I was not aware of it until today when I saw that the Europa junction had the quest as a reward.  I don't know how I was about to get the quest and bypass the junction requirement.  The only thing I can think of is a few weeks ago my brother, whose handle is PaNeK01, took me to the boss on Europa to help me farm the parts needed for my first warframe.  A few days ago I was in the Sanctuary and Cephalon Simaris offered me this quest.  I was still on Ceres and have not made it to Jupiter, yet I was able to complete all the steps in the quest. This includes the final one on Europa.  When I launched the final quest step through the quest list on the top right of the star chart, I was able to start the mission.  A side note, I remember accepting the Man of Few Words Quest awhile back but I could not start it as it was on Uranus, which of course I do not have access to at this time.  However, now if I can select the quest in the same manor, it launches.  Here are the screen shots to show what I mean (Sorry for just the link, the forum does not like Google drive it seems).






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