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Make Survival Rewards Cumulative


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Currently, it seems you get only one reward from a Survival mission, no matter how long you survive. Some may speculate that you get better rewards the longer you survive, but, unlike defense, we don't actually see the reward from which we can select. This makes a very long survival exceptionally frustrating when the bonus reward is puny.


Suggestion: make the rewards for survival cumulative. One reward per 5 minutes survived. A 30 minute survival should produce 6 rewards.


Possible counter-argument: this could lead to too many rewards being parceled out. Therefore, I would propose that the loot tables for completing survival be broadened to include bundles of resources, mods, and other less-game-breaking rewards, along with more valuable void keys and blueprints. A 30 minute survival might therefore provide 2 bundles of resources, 2 mods, a key, and a blueprint, for example.


Survival is a lot of fun, and there's certainly a far more exciting tension about trying to survive longer rather than escaping, much more so than in defense. Therefore, I think this mode should have rewards that reinforce the motivation to survive longer, by escalating not only quality but also sheer quantity of reward.

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First they should start making survival enjoyable again by stopping this "hunt for drop pods" and make it 100 - 4 again where a horde of enemys actually drops enough to sustain you through the battle. Not saying make pods useless, just spawn more enemys on smaller maps and make it all about fighting again. but that is just my personal opinion.

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