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K drive Race markers not showing up in the Vallis


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Its been over a week now that i havent been able to find K-Drive Races.. iv gotten people from region to help me, they will mark a location where they DO see a race on the map, i will go there and there is no race. BUT, if they go to the location first, the race shows up for them. Then and only then can i see Boon and participate in a Race. This bug has been driving me crazy seeing as the K-Drives are one of the VERY few things i have left in the game to get mastery rank from. IDK who to talk to or where to go for a fix this is my last resort as my clan told me this is the thing to do. but as far as i can tell most times this is a bug only effecting me. Although i have come across a few players who say they havent been able to see races for months. It doesnt matter if im solo, in a squad or relog/reload 100 times. the Bug persists. DE plz do something about this or at least mention it in the next Devstream. ALSO while im here, one of my MOA's has been polarized 2 times, no matter what i do i cannot swap the polarities to new boxes. no clue why. All my other gear i can swap them just fine. But one of my MOA's will not allow me. Gives me a message along the lines of try again later, your account has not been charged. Very odd. hopefully this bug goes away soon. its been like that for over a week. Thanks again DE.

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