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A look at K-Drives


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So I've been leveling my K-Drives and am now just trying to be done with the achievements pertaining to them. 
At their current state, I do not plan on getting on them afterwards. The following is (just) my opinion on what they lack and what should be improved. 

What this is about:
Critique and suggestions on the K-Drive to improve it's usage.

What this isn't about:
Promotion through restriction (as in suggestions to limit usage of alternate vehicles to increase K-Drive usage).

The issues I've got with K-Drive:

  1. They are a slower means of transport (than Archwings).
    • Also, driving them feels slow.
  2. Pulling off consecutive tricks while on the go isn't rewarded well, as your multipliers reset when touching the ground (this promotes chaingrinding to grin points, making leveling extremely dull).
    • Starting tricks from 0 also takes you more time than they should. It shouldn't require me to do three spins and flips before it counts.
  3. Slight ledges may throw you off your K-Drive.
  4. They perform badly on slopes.
  5. "Races" are only time-challenges.

What I'd do to improve K-Drives:

  1. Have speedboosters (I know there are jumpboosters) on the main roads between places and/or give them a turbo mode (akin to archwings shift+space; due to button mapping shift+RMB would be better here).
  2. Start tricks once you launch yourself up. Make multipliers more streamlined: increase them for trick variety, maybe even cap them and improve on general point ramp-up to compensate. Make tricks easier to chain, maybe add a ground based trick for that (looking at skateboard games, you may add the manual).
  3. It's a hoverboard, yet every pebble you come accross has a good chance to throw you off it. Slow it down for going into an obstacle, but make it attempt to ascend over it. 
  4. General slops slow K-Drives down tremendously, they may even stop it. This may be a good opportunity to add a mod for vertical velocity.
  5. While time-challenges are okay, a competitive race for conclave with (a) dedicated map(s) would make sense.
  6. Increase versatility through:
    • Adding tool-usability on the K-Drive (with functional swapping whilst on it).
    • Adding a hover mode or mod while using tools (to mine some of the upside down spots)
  7. Just for the fun of it: Make it possible to drive them on walls. I'm envisioning a pipe that you can just spin around in while you're blasting through it. 
  8. Map design: Give more opportunities to leap over large gaps. There's boostpads that feel like they go nowhere.

Thank you for reading.

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Dont forget, let us use weapons on them.  We can use weapons on an archwing.  Why would we ever use a hoverboard with no offensive capabilities in a mob shooter.  

Why does my sentinal or pet disappear?  They should also follow and allow some offence.  They are just inferior to archwings in ever single way imaginable.  

Without guns, they are worthless. They are even in wrong spot, at least move some vent rats to Cetus for intro so new players have a way to move around without doing archwing quest.

Only "good" thing, they give MR.  I'm willing to bet some people would rather they did not.  


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