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Referral Only Rare Mod Rewards


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I'm going to be completely honest because dishonesty does no-one any good. When you put rare mods in a referral system when you have a huge population of hardcore players like me. I hope you know what you're doing because i can and i will do what it takes to get it. And let me tell ya i ain't got 25 gaming friends.



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 All three of those drop in the normal game from what I understand.

Firestorm has UNIQUE tag. which isn't a type of Mod that is available through normal gameplay. It's called Unique for a reason.



i go balls deep with everything i do.


im not sure i could refer 15 people to play though. nobody i talk to is ever into what i am.


Just do 10 mission with 15 alt accounts.

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I don't know if it's relevant or not... but wasn't there a patch note that said projectile weapons have a hitbox increase or something? 


Time to double check...




  • Added embedded damage radius to projectiles.


From the 9.8 Update.


Welp, no idea what that means.

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im going to wait a few more days til its cleared up. I don't want to jump the gun and play war frame dishonestly.


If DE are going to screw existing players by putting in a unique mod that is unobtainable any other way...


I can't honestly say what else they expect players to do in this situation

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