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A Swift Punch To The...soul...yes That Is What You All Were Thinking!


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Do not get me wrong i love this skill, lots of fun. But i am finding myself spamming jump to get the full awkward effect of the AoE knockdown. unless i am blind this is only triggered on a jump use of Soul Punch.


Question: why make us jump?


One mooooore thing!: what if we had freedom of movement while cast? rather then getting planted in spot. I think this would increase the 'power' of Punchy Punch Phenominally.


PS: one moooore thing! there is an issue of having to spam until you get a "valid target" though i am spamming my cursor  all over the enemies junk region.

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You dont need to jump.

All of his cast animations are slightly annoyingly long, (however awesome they look)

Aiming it is kind of a pain in the $&*^. And the ragdolling could do with being an AoE, not just behind the target which hardly ever works



one more thing..... case closed


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You really just need to be higher to get the downward angle. The aoe effect seems to be when it hits the ground right behind the target. 

Wish it was just an aoe around the target regardless of angle of impact and the projectile continued as normal. Would make use on level ground much more effective.


The crates and such on the pod platform in the xini map are my new favorite spots just because of the way soul punch works.

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