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Amps Dissapearing


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When "Plains of Eidolon" came out i ranked up in the Quills and grinded for an Amp. After taking a break from the game for a few months, i came back to find my Amp was missing from my inventory. I was upset but i figured i may have accidentally sold it or something. so i made another one. When i logged on today , my amp was missing again! My Amps had no inappropriate names or anything wrong with them. this time i was furious because it took a while to get all the resources to make the new one and i was just using it a day prior. this is not the first time things have been removed from my inventory for i have lost some blueprints for Warframes or weapons but nothing too important. In tired of losing things in game i worked so hard for. Im not sure if its just me losing my Amps or what but this needs to be fixed.

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