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ESO not giving rewards (PS4)

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So I've played 5 games of ESO today (All public games, Matchmaking Ping Lowered to 200) My game results were

1. Wave 6 - No Rewards

2. Wave 6 - No Rewards

3. Wave 4 - No Rewards

4. Wave 11 - Missing Some Rewards

5. Wave 9 - Only 2 Rewards Awarded (The person I played with received 400 Endo but was missing the 4th reward too)

So yeah, getting pretty annoyed that rewards aren't being rewarded.  Especially annoying since I'm trying to get Lato/Braton Vandal parts.

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13 hours ago, (PS4)black_label91 said:

I've noticed a correlation with the timer in mission. When it freezes, no reward is given. Seems to base completion on the timer.

Whenever it freezes I just extract early. Doesn't seem to happen when I'm hosting

Sadly other than backing out constantly there's no guaranteed way to start a game as host 😞  Though hosting has seen that I have gotten the rewards yesterday (hosted 4p game).  I'd like for there to be an option to host a game as some peoples connections are truly awful 😕

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