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Frames bugging on all missions (Glitchframes)


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Here i am again reporting a bug or glitch so that no developers reads it. This time i noted that since the last update (25.2.0) my frames would bug out on all missions. My frames wont perform any abilities, cant use operator mode and wont allowed me to use my melee weapons. In the end this bug prevents the player from playing the game in general. This has been penning to me while i have noticed that other people has had the same problems while in the same squad. Today (7/5/19) i have experience this bug multiple times during the day, during Eidolon hunts and albitrations. The only way to fix it is by letting myself die or killed my self with self damaging weapons but during albitrations is another story because the whole point of it is not to die. 

I don't know how long i can keep playing the game like this. I do know that this problems might not get fixed, ever. So i'm gonna keep trying to enjoy the game as much as i can but if this bug continues i'm not gonna have other choice but to permanently quit the game since this bug is ruining the entire game for me. 

 I guess this is no problem since the game is free, making it alright to be unplayable 🙂

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