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Orbiter and Quarters decorations as special rewards?


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I've been decorating some today and was thinking, had I maybe been given a taste of it earlier I might have spent more time and dedication to a proper decoration. The thing is, there is no real incentive. I just bought some decorations as I had plat lying around and was bored. Up til now it never really was anything I'd consider. Maybe being gifted with the occasional (even simple) item might make it more interesting to invest time and plat?

There are many items for 5p that would make so much sense (maybe even as a rare drop form a resource node/box?).

E.g. the Articulas that can be posed and copy the look of a loadout: they can be posed by a set. I don't know where my gun pose set came from, but something like this would make an awesome mission, nightwave or twitch viewing reward imho.


And since I'm at it: the Articula in the Quarters can equip a melee weapon. So it is possible but not an option for the Articula I can buy, a missed opportunity imho. A Melee Pose Set, Archwing Pose Set, Operator Pose Set?


Emotes like the levitating meditation would also look nice (Emote Pose Set?)

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