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Pet Bed: allow for additional pets out of stasis?


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Right now those beds are purely decorative, but since I can only have 1 pet out of stasis anyway, why would I need a bed when he's got his incubator to hang out? This seems very redundant and would be so much more of an option if those beds would accommodate additional pets out of stasis. Limit the max number if need be, but maybe then I would be much more inclined to

- consider using pets besides that one I got out of stasis and since they are specialized he hardly gets used because reasons.

- buy me some beds to increase my pet options for missions.

I don't know how others handle their pets, but I surely can't be bothered to put them in and out of stasis every time I want to take that one specific animal with me. I'll just skip it and take a sentinel instead out of convenience.

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Additional pets out of stasis would be nice. 

I use my Huras kubrow frequently, but since swapping in and out of pets is a pain i never use any other pets but him. I just use sentinels to fill in the rest of the frames that aren't good with pets due to the link mods (and the fact that the non-link pet mods were actually lower even using my Nyx).

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