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Whats a must have mod for Zarr?


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"Must Have" Mods?

I'd say Serration and Split Chamber are definitely must haves; not just for Zarr but basically any Primary weapon.


kinda makes you wonder tho... if every single build must include those two mods... Isn't it kinda pointless to even have them as an option? why not remove them from the game and offset everything's base stats instead to compensate... free up the mod slots for things you Actually Customize

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Serration, Split Chamber, Point Strike, and Vital Sense.

After that, probably 2-3 +60% Status & Damage mods. Last would likely be either Vigilante Armaments for more multishot, Firestorm for more blast radius (if you don't mind the learning curve of the new blast radius), or if you happen to have a Riven for it that (though that's more of a cherry on top than must have, the weapon will handily pull its weight through all content when modded for faction weaknesses).

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