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Mining Moa/sentinel


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We have sentinel doing majorities the support and moas being good assistance killing things for we got fish locator, ammo mutation, undying immortal, and other supports but finding right companion is the best thing but why not add another job for them introducing the Mining Moa/sentinel

Noted: this is improvised idea for in future it may need changes afterward



Mining Moa/sentinel idea box

Mods name: Metallic Scent

* Provide radar showing where best mining materials is set in the map

* Provide of rarity chance of mining rare materials 5%/10%/15%/20%/25%/30%

2nd Mods Name: Consternation Eye

* Help the players by increasing radius of object they are mining for example


just imagine the radius is widen of chance of mining it will provide better qualities amount

* upgrading the radius better chance getting good qualities 5%/15%/25%/35%/45%/55% (this is just maybe in % but it might be nerf down for bit of its number)

Hopefully there will be more of moa/sentinel that does other jobs that will support players of their daily jobs/missions.

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Once again, another idea I was going to post about, but it already existed! Even the mod abilities seem to line up with what I had in mind.

My only real addition to the topic, aside from support, would be to suggest that this maybe could be from Ostron as they don't have a dedicated Sentinel (plus I believe that's where mining first began?).

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