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Conclave needs a Nightwave equivalent bandaid


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There are many complaints of the lack of new rewards, and lack of any significance of said rewards in PvE, while I do agree some of the warframe augments do deserve to be useable in PvE thats beside my current suggestion.

Make Conclave challenges count for Nightwave challenges via slots for example three "elite weekly challenges" for PvE and for PvP if one is completed over the other than the other counts as completed too with NW standing only counting for one, it'll be up to the player if they want to do PvP or the PvE version of this weekly elite challenge same goes for the normal challenges.

I believe this would address some of the complaints about rewards in Conclave and give the existing Conclave players something to do and work towards in their favourite game mode but ultimately i think this is just a temporary bandaid and Conclave deserves its own merit based exclusive rewards such as a new batch of skins and sigils.

In terms of challenge balancing it would be up to the developers surely going on a kill streak is much faster and easier than surviving in a mission for 30-60 minutes but I guess the hard part would be forcing yourself to play Conclave in its current state. haha

Ps keep the normal daily and weekly challenges the same it is the only source of Conclave standing. (Or implement conclave standing gains into its own NW challenges) and make these challenges only available in public lobbies. 

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