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[warframe concept] Zhroock (glutton)


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Just got this idea, so it maybe a bit raw.

Stats: average health, average armor, average shield, no energy. Exact numbers aren't important.

Passive: whenever he kills any special enemy (eximus, nullifier, spawner - such kind) he gains their ability for a limited time (like dozen seconds, give or take a couple).

His four abilities are auras, only one of which can be active at any time. Activating the same ability second time switches the aura off, activating the other ability just switches aura, leaving associated bonus to decay (see below). Auras do not consume energy (and thus 'frame doesn't have it, same as Hildryn).

The auras give some benefit to everyone in radius (subject to Power Radius mods) when any enemy is killed. The bonus is small, like 1% (subject to Power Strength mods), as is duration, like 5 seconds (subject to Power Duration mods). Each next kill stacks bonus and renews duration (that's why they're so small). When duration expires the bonus isn't removed completely, just reduced one stack.

The auras themselves can increase damage of abilities and weapons, improve recharge speed (reload times, regen of shields, friendly operators energy and ammo for battery-based weapons), give some protection (bonus shield, armor and health), raise sprint and parkour speed, wall latch and aim glide duration and the like.

I still didn't got all the possible effects counted and sorted which one is more beneficial. It's possible that this looks a bit bland (just another support), especially given latest reworks, so, maybe auras are only one of his abilities (likely fourth), but then I have no clue what his other abilities will be... 😞 

So, I am completely open to suggestions and feedback.

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