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Wukong Prime: Update 25.3.0

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9 hours ago, [DE]Drew said:

In addition, we have also removed the ‘with friends’ requirements from all of our Nightwave Acts!

great! not that i had enjoyed those "with friends" challenges that i mostly done with total strangers afterall - as far as i remember they all were nice and competend players - but my friend-list started to look worse then my facebook friend-list (which i rather keep short and with people i really know, and like). seriously, who can keep track with all those warframe player one has added over the years..?

btw: am i mistaken or wasn't atlas supose to be primed before the monkey? and why the heck did i just finished re-formating my 'normal' monkey? damn... that for not caring about reading the news i guess ^^)

extra btw: +1 to prime inaros next, if you in the mood to jump over some other frames again (ivara and nezha, i think ^^)

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So...that was a thing.


Let me be one of the first to provide feedback....given all of the things to cover in your presentation and how many people are still drooling over everything.

1) Changes to the Nightwave are generally good thus far.  Less grind, more rewards, and the increase in credits is a huge plus.

2) The Riven rebalance is pretty crappy.  Let me put this into numbers, so it isn't an opinion about primaries.  Sum(start) = 26.45.  Sum(change) = 27.  You've added a total of 0.55 disposition, with the greatest delta being the Tonkor at +0.2,  If the balance was for usage, as stated, the delta should be zero...but the difference actually seems to just be meta nerfs and garbage uplifts without actually making things better.  Read: Tonkor being trashed and now Riven buffed, while the common as all heck Ignis gets another nerf.  Tell us again, what are Rivens actually for this week?  It most assuredly isn't making all items useful in endgame scenarios.

3) The presentation this year was...underwhelming.  You've functionally sold us railjack two years in a row.  More frustratingly, nothing about the Duviri (Paradox now) or the third orb.  If I wanted to be underwhelmed I'd have sat through the EA E3 presentation.

4) Pets 2.0.  Melee 3.0.  You know what, just call this everything not "...it's mother f***ing Endor..."  I enjoy greatly that you said that in your presentation, thinking that everything else is functionally going to be glossed over.  As a hint, Star Wars nostalgia has waned in the last couple of years due to under delivering.  Maybe don't try to hide your own lackluster delivery behind that....


As a whole...Tennocon is largely useless to me.  I'm sad that I wasted the time watching and hope that the next two months bring something of value.  Nightwave came out, and it was at best half baked.  Disruptions are great....if you've got a high damage weapon and are capable of playing the single node it currently exists on (read: didn't Harrow, Nidus, and Archwing teach us non-integrated one-off game modes or types die once rewards are harvested).

The most interesting thing to see was a cinematic devoid or gameplay, and a game mode that was introduced as a scripted demo last year and 360+ days later is a slightly better fleshed out scripted demo.  

Please, do better.  It won't take a lot.  Give us a drop-in with some content, don't make your two new warframes literally placeholders who show none of their abilities (yeah, running across the water is a power, but it's not exactly showing anything fun), and let's spend less time on the visuals.  New lighting technology is great....and then you play with the Sonicor, Excalibur, Revenant, etc.... which make lighting useless.  Or perhaps you walk out of Cephalon Simaris's room too quickly and get a drunken swirl and lighting going nuts.  I can look past the bugs, but I won't if your presentations are content free and pitching us on the next generation of hardware while bugs in your game can literally be present years after release.


As a side not, do you not get how bad of a look the deluxe skins are?  You're pouring time into deluxe skins for frames that already have deluxe skins, while others get nothing.  I am unabashedly a Zephyr main, and Nyx has gotten more love.  A single rework, after a nerf brought on by the prime coming, and that's it.  Even Vauban has had more love...and he's effectively a meme about useless frames.  None of this even touches on the feeling of Warframe becoming a cash grab...especially when "fashion frame is endgame" isn't a joke.

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6 hours ago, Maganar said:

Unless the UI info is wrong, Zhuge Prime is an alarming weapon on firing.

Unlike, you know, every crossbow in the game.

This was the first primed crossbow.  I'd been waiting a long time for this, and when it finally comes, it loses the defining utility trait of crossbows - that they fire silently to help stealth warframes without the need of sparing a mod slot to silence them.  This is a massive disappointment.

I don't want to hear the lame excuse that "the bolts explode" - which I know someone out there will provide as rebuttal if I don't debunk this preemptively.  Talons exist.  Thunderbolt exists.  Concealed Explosives exists.  These all maintain silent firing despite explosions on the target.  Lenz is the only loud "bow" regardless of modding or mechanics - and I put that in quotes because it's more a cross between a railgun and a rocket launcher than a bow.  It was always the exception, just like Baza was the exception for rifles in this game (but in reverse).  If you were going to change the Silent/Alarming nature of a weapon when releasing a new variant, it would make sense to do this the OTHER way around - for example, releasing Lenz Vandal as a Silent weapon instead of Alarming.  That sort of change enables new potential uses to get more people interested in the weapon with its enhanced variant - rather than alienating existing users of the weapon.

I share your sentiment when it comes to the Zhuge- on top of it being a "loud" weapon, the bolts itself has self damage.
This no longer feels like a crossbow. It feels like a weapon which negates every reason a player would have for choosing it. It's not silent, so you naturally would not be picking this if you wanted a silent weapon, and among the "alarming" weapons, there exists better options. And I really dont want to get into the century old topic of self damage.

Im a little bit sad about the Zhuge but otherwise Im unphased. Everything else seems more or less as expected. Ideally I'd want DE to change this, but oh well, there are many other weapons to screw around with.

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7 hours ago, LuthienArtanis said:

Which relic drops wukong prime parts? I can't find it in the drop tables.

Also, the relicRewards tables seem to tag the 25%-ish drops as Uncommon. I think those are supposed to be Common?

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Please fix vacuum/fetch mod so that it works under laggy conditions and isn't reliant on pet distance along with other variables such as host CPU which adds a huge delay to vacuum even if its NOT laggy.

Please add medallions to defense tilesets or boost the standing gained by at least 8*500 = 4000.

Please re-add mastery symbols at a glance to hover over market item icons instead of requiring 2-3 click through.

Please add favorite weapon feature so we dont have to scroll through an extremely limited UX that doesn't scale by resolution.

Please add configuration names to the Arsenal general screen so we know what frame and weapon configs we have selected at a glance. A lot of the issues with the UX can be fixed with glance value additions.

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I have to signal a bug that is happening after trying to open relics: the mission ends, starts a count down and only later it displays the reward. but at this point the game stops working correctly and we are stuck in the  relic reward screen forever...

happend in squad mission.

please look into this problem.

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