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Grendel Warframe

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If the Grendel warframe is going to be based on the Grendel from the Beowolf poem,
then I think this setup would work best.

No shields, good health, very high armor, (most armor of all warframe so far)

Passive, Berserk, can continue to fight like normal while downed, damage is increased during this time.
Killing enemies increases downed timer, so the more you kill, the longer you live.
If the downed timer is ever more then 60 seconds, then you are auto revived.

First power, eat dead enemies to heal wounds.

Second power, grab enemy in-front of you, holding them in the air with left hand, still able to move and use weapons,
cast again to throw the held enemy which will knockdown any enemies it hits,
but with boss/big enemies hold them in place with both hands like out kubrows and kavats can do.

Third power, speed boost power like volt's, but also makes you invisible.

Fourth power, exalted claws, kinda like Valkyr's, but way slower with 100% damage block-rate.

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21 minutes ago, (XB1)MetalPain x 666 said:

Sounds too much like valkyr. 

So, having Exalted claws maxes him too much like Valkyr?


Every nail, claw-scale and spur, every spike
and welt on the hand of that heathen brute
was like barbed steel. Everybody said
there was no honed iron hard enough
to pierce him through, no time proofed blade
that could cut his brutal blood caked claw


Sounds like he has unbreakable, sharp claws.

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5 hours ago, Zorish said:

if i remember their first teaser https://www.warframe.com/news/devstream-128-overview it will be eating things. Also i remember same concept on forum about oni frame, with veeery look alike model and idea.

Grendel is know for eating armies, so it's good to see that he can do that at least.
He can also sneak into the Mead-Hall quickly and undetected, which is the idea behind the speed+invis power.
He grabs, throws, tears his enemies apart with his hands, which is the idea behind the grappling/throwing power and his exalted claw ult.

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4 hours ago, Haardrock64 said:

Sounds nice, but 'Third power, speed boost power like volt's, but also makes you invisible.' only if it Buffs Grendel but not the rest of the Squad. Volt's Speedbuff is annoying enough :).

It would only effect Grendel, or at least it should.
Grendel wasn't real a team player, attacked the Mead-Hall alone,
got in quick, without being seen, killed many and ate well.

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