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My feelings about tennocon


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This was originally a response to another page but I feel like it had all my thoughts so I wanted to see where others lie.


I didn't care about most of what was talked about honestly because at this point I still know none of it is coming for a decent chunk of time. I mean railjack looked cool so yeah. for the new frames I know they will be given out through some crappy none quest way so I really dont care about them, I will probably get and like the frame but there will be no hype for the frame. As far as the New War, its Warframes story progressing which I don't care much for since they have done a bad job of building characters up, like at one point I was like I love you space mom but now i'm just like why do I care about your existence? We've seen Lotus three times total and none of those times have I been given a reason to care other than lore. As far as the up aging of the operators in the Duviri Paradox I personally am not a fan I think them being children kinda added something to their character but I guess warframe is ready to jump ahead to the next thing so that is what it is.

Wukong prime is cool ill farm him out and be disappointed by the fact that DE still overprice prime access because they know enough people will spend the cash, so they never have to change and accept the fact that they're ripping off people and have the balls to claim that what they're charging isn't even what it's actually worth (they claim its worth more) Ill also be sad about the cool armor stuff locked behind the prime accessories pack since it's the only time DE release basic cosmetic armors or syandanas anymore that aren't tennogen. 

Nightwave is still nightwave it's a no choice system you're locked into if you want any items and to top it off the majority of what it gives sucks but it has enough diamonds in the dirt to make you want to do it. Sadly after looking at the first set of challenges for the new nightwave I see that DE only half listened and two challenges that seriously don't belong in which are the polorize challenge where people potentially spend plat on forma to get it done which is cruel and the guild modular challenge because we all totally have non guilded weapons lying around.

Overall tennocon was a free ephemera(I got) and a free Nekros prime for me(havent gotten yet).


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