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Derelict Taxes The Hek Out Of My Pc


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This is by far the most taxing thing in video games since the Advanced PhysX issue on Metro: Last Light. Never before have I suffered from a hardware fail when playing Warframe, even when Void Mobile Defense had massive performance issues.



I'm running on an APU, sure. But just because of that doesn't mean Derelict doesn't take too many resources. I've played the game fine up until now on maximum supported resolution and settings minus anti-aliasing and color correction with a more-than-playable framerate, and Derelict almost fries my PC. I keep getting messages saying that my GFX card has just recovered from the game too. Derelict figuratively rapes my PC. I've got 8 gigs of ram, up-to-date drivers, a 2.1 GHZ processor, and Razer Gamebooster to help clean up RAM usage. On top of that I have my resource monitor open and it seems like running Derelict causes my APU usage to sky rocket. 


Now I can't get any mutagen samples or get to fight that cool new boss just because of Derelict wanting to burn my PC alive. 

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