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if i buy a warframe with inventory slot, but i already have one will i receive the warframe with or without the slot?



so, like many of you i watched the tennocon to receive the nekros prime and when it ended i decided to log in the game, just  quick check to see if i received the frame.

problem is: some random guy said that the nekros didn't come with a slot so... i kinda panicked and sold my volt(yes i know that was vey very dumb decision)

what i want to know is: now that i have a fee slot, will the nekros come with or without an warframe slot?

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6 hours ago, Jaws520 said:

Nekros prime should come with a potato and slot.


1 hour ago, RealHeharu said:

Yhea when it says warframe and a slot it will give you a free warframe slot as well and a cool potato as the guy said above me 


thank you guys, thats a weight off of my chest

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