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Wukong Iron Staff


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Just have been playing around with build's on Wukongs Iron staff, and realized I was unable to do some builds on it that I can do on other melee weapons. I was confused at first and then I realized it's because the Primal Fury "stance" doesn't add any extra mod capacity to the weapon like a normal melee stance weapon does. I think it would be a beneficial change and would allow more builds to be possible if it did.




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31 minutes ago, (PS4)LoisGordils said:

It applies to every Exalted Melee. And no, adding extra capacity via Stance Mods wouldn't allow more builds. The builds would remain exactly the same. Just without one extra Forma

Builds would change, as you can't currently use both Sacrificial Mods and make an effective build since they'll both take 32 of your 60 points. Normal melee on the other hand can make much better use of these mods since they get the extra 10 points from the stance.

There is literally no reason for these weapons to not get stance points the same as every other melee weapon.

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