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Derelict Can Derelick My Nav Coordinates


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So I dunno the drop tables for Nekros BPs, but I was thinking they're probably fairly proportional to Frost Primes and/or Mag Primes.  First 4 Boss runs: Helmet.  Annoying, not sure if this is a bug, but something tells me the next two will be helmet with the current tables.  Also, when I first started doing the Derelict missions, whenever I got more than ONE Golem coordinate, it would show up in the mission rewards as 2, even if I picked up 3 or 4 in the mission.  This would reflect in my inventory as only ONE, even if I picked up 2, 3, or 4, while showing up at mission end as 2.  After a tiny update, this seemed to be fixed.  While my guys and I were doing 2 boss Golem battles in a row tonight, the second time, we pick up 5 Golem coordinates.  Awesome, right?  Unfortunately, not only did we get just another Nekros Helmet yet again, it shows up on the mission rewards screen that we only got 2, and shows up in our inventory as such.  What gives?  It even showed up correctly as the first one we got separately, the next two I picked up quickly and showed up as +2 as did the next 2.  It's one thing to make the drop tables ridiculous to ever get all the Nekros parts.  But for you to only be able to get one or 2 coordinates at a time will take fricking foreva.  I really want this guy, but I've done the math and I really don't feel like farming him for potentially over a month or two.  I'm guessing this is just a glitch, but it is KILLING MY SOUL MEATS.  Please help.

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