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More thoughts on one weapon using multiple weapon slots (ie primary, secondary, melee)


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So thoughts were on weapons such as gun blades... Where you could argue they are either a secondary weapon, or a blade.. I have suggested that you allow the player to mod the weapon for both rolls... That is for melee it is modded with melee mods, and it sits in the melee slot, but also allow you to chose that weapon as your secondary weapon, letting the weapon fill both slots, and use secondary weapon mods... And perhaps allow the mods to synergize together in a way that individually they do not... Yes I know this would make the redeemer prime a problem but as people literally only use redeemer for it's heavy attack...

Anyway. So watching this new trailer and Excalibur using his kunai to wreck Grineer... I thought of another weapon that could fill multiple roles... Not all of them, but some of the throwing blades. Could be used and modded as dual daggers, and also as  secondary thrown weapons. Perhaps allowing for a synergy between the two... Now this doesn't work on things like stars, or the pox, but for thrown daggers it would work quite well. Maybe something like allowing crit, status chance, and elements to be shared across but the total damage is determined by the mods equipped. So. Arguably you could have a weapon that will deal electrical damage, but also corrosive damage, by modding your melee kunai for corrosive but your thrown kunai for electric. The weapon damage would be determined by calculating the damage percentage bonus from all the mods you equip, and dividing it among all damage types..so that the total damage your weapon does won't be greater than the damage it would do on it's own, it just has more elemental types.... This would be a fairly exclusive mechanic as for obvious reasons most weapons cannot serve multiple roles... 

Anyway just a thought. Would be nice to see more people using throwing weapons outside of pox and staticor...

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