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Why not be able to use 1 Step AND 1 Body Ephemera?


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Gonna keep this one short since there's not much to talk about it but, after talking with friends and collecting opinions most could agree that body ephemeras seem generally superior over step ephemeras due to it always being visible even when standing still and well, it covers the body giving the whole frame the "final touch". Now i don't want to step on people preferring step ephemeras but, would it be too much to ask for if we could use both, a step AND a body ephemera at once instead of either or?

Fashionframe is endgame and the sheer endless amount of new fashion options being released into the game gives me the impression that this addition could only do more good than harm. Would be super awesome to see this feature in the game and i'd die to be able to use smoking body and freezing/eidolon step at once!

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