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Request: Ephemera BPs made tradable


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I wouldn't say they should be tradable, since they are supposed to be a symbol of skill/effort/whatever, but I'd say that we should remove the rng part from them and remove them from rotation rewards in game modes.

You meet the required conditions, you get the ephemera. You have enough tokens from "insert game mode here" and you can trade them for an ephemera, like the blood one. 

The annoying part is when I do a C rotation from an arbitration and get yet another Seeding Step, which is just a blank reward since I already have mine and can't trade it. Might as well remove it from the pool. 

I think this post is a very good suggestion in that regard:


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3 hours ago, DeeDeetheSpy said:

If they weren't RNG, I'd agree with them being symbols of achievement. But right now, with it being chance, I'd like to be able to sell these extra ones I got, like I've been lucky enough to get 2 shadow ones.

agree with you. and i don't think there would be THAT many people who play the spider to farm the two ephemera just to selling them for platinum. arbitration might also not the best time-invested method to get rich on it, but having an option to make a little profit out of an otherwise useless rare-reward would be welcome. still, nothing beats simple fissure farming when platinum is what people are after.

btw, i find the whole idea of "symbols of achievement" rather quaint in warframe - but this might only be my point of view...

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