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Multiple Market and ArchWing Bugs(Completely Broken)


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Market/Arsenal--The arsenal market bug started a few updates ago but now is alot worse. This problem occurs when needing to craft 2 weapons for AK/Dual/Twin weapons. After crafting and leveling the first one, the weapon vanishes from everywhere except my inventory. Meaning I cant even search the weapon in the market to purchase it for plat if I wanted. Its gone! So there is no way to craft the second one at all. Before it used to just vanish from the arsenal but, I still  could search it in the marketplace and get the BP. Now its gone from there too. I also tested it, where If I deleted the initial weapon what would happen. The weapon magically appears and I can purchase a BP for it. This isnt weapon specific meaning Krohkur or AK whatever but specific to ALL of these weapons as a whole. I tried with secondaries and Melee and the result was the same! So I cannot craft ANY of these weapons which is annoying AF considering its the majority of what I have left.....lol!

ArchWing--Well this bug started after I crafted the Odonata Prime, I couldnt dismount it at all using a controller on PC. After leveling it a bit, I swapped back to the Itzal and realized I couldnt dismount from ANY archwing now lol...So for the longest time now Ive been swapping to my K-Drive then dismounting that way. I thought initially it was an issue with a button setup, maybe id have to rebind something etc....NOPE! Also as of today I can no longer use melee on archwing either. Its seems something in the latest update canceled that out too.

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