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Day Trader Night Waves didn't get completed


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The challenge that bugged for me and didn't award standing was the Modular item one. I used a mote amp, wonder if they made it so that doesn't count?
To be clear, it showed the mission complete title at the bottom of the screen upon gilding it, and after I relogged, and played through a few more missions, it still hadn't updated my standing.

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So let me get this straight, 3 wages in 1 match. Can be done solo? The enemy must not win a round? Can the enemy score a few points?

Cos i've done this 3 times solo with only a few points in the enemy team and i won 3 rounds and i still didnt get the Weekly Act done. I did not get standing with The Emissary too.

Can we please get somebody from DE to look into this and at least give us a response here? This is very frustrating.

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