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Unda, Venus having gamebreaking bugs


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I was playing through Unda, Venus, a Spy mission, and encountered three bugs that had gamebreaking effects on my gameplay.

The first bug I encountered twice. I would walk into a room and the cameras would spawn in late, already looking at me. Luckily, this did not happen inside any of the data vaults. This happened most often inside of a hallway, where two cameras usually would exist, but it would only initially spawn the one closest to me (facing away from me).

The second bug I encountered was a Moa that was stuck inside the floor. Despite having a bow with some punch through, I could not harm it at all. Explosive barrels did damage to it, but there were not enough in the room to kill the Moa.

The third bug I encountered was an invisible laser grid inside of a vault. It would occasionally light up, but no lasers would appear. I went through while the lights were off to be safe, but then decided to pass through while they were lit up just to see if they were really there. They were. This laser would only ever be invisible in the far right corner of the room, but was always invisible if it showed up.

After completing the mission, I decided to replay the mission twice just to see if this was something that might always happen. Other than the Moa, these are recurring problems.


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