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Amp is showing as "Mastered" when it has not been guilded


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I have a Mote Amp that is leveled to 30. It has not been guilded yet. 

I went to Onko, and under the guilding menu, it lists the amp (top part of picture) as Mastered, even though the weapon is not providing me any experience to my account (yet). This uses the same blue mastery icon as everywhere else in the UI to denote that I have received experience, and that I am done with the weapon (hence "Mastered"). 

To verify, I checked in my profile which I know can update slowly, but I have not touched the amp in months, so it should be caught up, and it confirmed that no exp was earned (bottom part of picture)




Some message that is more clear on what is actually going on, and that I need to guild the weapon to gain exp for it. (I know that, but new players will probably not)

"Leveled, please guild to gain mastery" (or something)


Side note (additional missing info / bug):

After guilding the weapon, there is no way to know if an Amp is guilded in the default menu (assuming you do not change the name). 

I guilded the amp, and left the name the same, and there is no display changes (that I could find)




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