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Proton Jet, "wall" dashing and wall latch


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I'll start by saying I really #*!%ing loved this mod and it's hilariously fun to dash at excessive speeds across the map. However, until I understood what a "wall" dashing is, this misleading term kept me trying to figure it out for hours; sometimes I'd get the boost, sometimes I wouldn't, and other times I would do the "wall" dash, but not have the boost. Turns out that the "wall' dash (and I'll keep using those quotation marks) is a very misleading term for "tapping the wall and crouch jumping mid-air when far from the wall". It's probably an oversight, sure, and that's why I'd suggest either of the following (or maybe make both happen, who cares):

  • Rename "wall dash" to "air dash" and change the description to say something along the lines of "after wallrunning, your next air dash is granted +100% acceleration".
  • Allow the player to actually wall dash from the wall itself by latching and bullet jumping directly from the wall. As of now, crouching will remove your wall latch and the consequent jump will just hop on the wall instead.

And as a little addition, give players an option for an automatic wall latch when aim gliding towards a wall, in a way that players will aim glide and automatically latch if the aim key is still pressed. This would be specially useful with the second option, as it'd allow the player to wall latch and aim a precise direction for the wall dash, aim gliding towards their target and already latching to get ready for the next wall dash, easily chaining dash after dash in open environments.

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