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Nekros Prime and his fake wings.

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I've been using Nekros Prime a lot lately, but always been forced to use the default Nekros skin because his fake wings, and i just started getting bored of the default nekros skin, i dont like its color schemes, areas you can color, textures etc., Nekros Prime is just so much better, but it also means im forced to have 2 fake wings on each shoulder moving all over the place doing nothing but blocking my screen...

Nekros Prime's fake wings are obnoxious, just plain obnoxious, i get it its a just an eye candy attachment, but during gameplay all it does is block wherever you are aiming.





like, look at these common scenarios and tell me it was a good decision making to force players who want to play with Nekros Prime's skin have fake wings on each shoulder that has no purpose other than eye candy to block their crosshair, DE.


You guys could give us an option to disable his wings under attachments, i know you guys can do that, they're are just additional attachments like syandanas.

I know it has been so long since Nekros Prime release, but better late than never, DE.

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