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Game stopping bug while forging zaw.


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Apologies if I don't recall the details of this exactly, I wasn't able to reproduce it because I only had the materials to forge one zaw at the time.

I had just finished forging a new zaw, and was looking at a preview of myself holding it, but instead of leaving the menu using the UI prompts, I clicked out of it using the little notifications widget at the top of the screen. This took me out of the zaw menu, and my character stayed in place, but I was able to walk around without a body. I pressed 5 to switch to operator, and then when I switched back my warframe appeared, but a preview of my character was still standing in front of Hok, holding the zaw I had just made. The preview character appears over the top of my player model when I stand in front of it.

This also killed the UI. When I pressed escape the normal menu wouldn't appear, and I had to alt+f4 out of the game.

1) Took this picture after the fact. When I made the zaw I clicked on this menu item to see what item was ready to claim. This took me out of the zaw menu and my character was invisible, but a preview of the character holding the zaw was standing in front of Hok.



2) When my character was invisible, I switched to operator mode then back again. I can see my warframe again but there is still a placeholder standing there holding the zaw I just built.



3) Standing in front of the placeholder. It appears over the top of my actual character.



At this point I could still walk around, but the escape button didn't bring up the menu. I was able to go into the plains and come back, but can't recall if this fixed not being able to access the menu.

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