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Why is the game making me replay completed quests?


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Why is the game making me do quests, I did 3 years ago? I finished stolen dreams like 2-3 years ago when I left the game, come back and the quest is back on my list of required to do quests. And everyone knows this is one of the worst if not THE worst quest in the game.

Near instafail spy missions and requiring all 3 succeed in 3 missions. 

I had a friend help me 3 years ago , he did it with an OP Loki.. I think the mission is even worse now.. seriously what the heck. I got another friend to help me through it this time, but why is it making me repeat completed missions.

Also I did Natah and Second Dream the other day, before stolen dreams, but I had to have completed stolen dreams to even have been able to do those quests. Did they mess it up that bad with the system rework?

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2 minutes ago, sharkstrangler said:

[This should be in Players Helping Players or Bugs Sub-Forum]

That's a strange glitch. However in General Discussion I don't think anyone is going to be able to give you substantial help or explain your situation.

Probably players helping players, but it will be interesting to see if anyone else has had this happen.


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1 minute ago, (XB1)GearsMatrix301 said:

“You only suck if you let yourself believe you suck” - Confucius probably 

No I suck at stealth, skipped the entire metal gear series..

Sometimes I can get them done by blitzing with Rhino and jamming a cipher in.

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