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Dual Swords/weapons Animation


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Does anyone else think that duals should have a unique animation of their own? Instead of the ye olde generic as it does now. I was thinking they could have some kind of flourish style animation in attacking, being dual weapons, and not the current heave ho' feel they kinda got going. I'm not talking some over-the-top 5 minute flourish effect, but something to differentiate the fighting style.


I dig how some of them are held currently, like one "blade" in reverse and the other not, but maybe we could have some of them held both in upright position, since dual backhand is saved for daggers? And bringing up the weapons, would there be any harm in making them, y'know, actual dual swords? Not the short and slightly shorter thing we got going. It's more of a personal irk, but there are others who agree to this. I'd be all down for it being an alt skin of sorts.


Some of you will complain otherwise on that last bit, saying they are as intended, leave as they are, those are 'dual swords' etc etc. Right now, when I look at it, I think more along the lines of one is for parrying and the other is for slashing; which doesn't fit here since we really don't have a parry mechanic apart from the mod (and even then that needs some work) and since melee is so gimped right now, I don't think a parry mechanic would come into play for a long time (if ever).


And with melee being so gimped right now, I doubt anything melee related would be high on the priority list, but I can hope, right?


Any other ideas would be nice to read in regards to dual weapons

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I do agree that they could use a little bit of a romantic makeover, the dual sword animations are quite plain compared to the others that have been recently introduced. And I've always been in support of the idea that the dagger is held in reverse grip.

And just to point out: Dual Skana's, the first dual-sword, are actually dual swords. Though they're a touch shorter than the regular Skana.

Either way, I'm in support of a revamp of the older dual-weapon animations.

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