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"Vintillo" Grineer juggernaut based warframe

(XBOX)itz SwirlZz

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(Re-edit) Vintillo's stats:

Armor: 580

Energy: 125

Health: 225


Sprint speed:1.00

Passive: (optional) Vintillo is able to carry two primary weapons instead of one in cost of a secondary slot and mobility (hobbled dragon key sim. But a bit faster).                (Intrinsic) Vintillo wears his armor like shields(will appear for you and allies as [yellow]), increase shields to increase armor,increase armor for armor. Armored shields regen slightly slower but are more resilient to damage.

1st ability: Mille Lacertis ("a thousand arms" in latin)

Choose between 2 projectiles such as:

Seeker Volley grenade, Scan-nade 

The Seeker volley grenade once thrown collapses into a plethora of seeker grenades. Once a seeker sticks to a foe it explodes causing slash once exploded (duration depending on build)

The Scan-nade once thrown spawns an unorthodox scanner scanning an area, enemies that are touched by the scan zone are immediately swarmed with poison infused pellets that slash open foes causing lingering toxin over time.

2nd ability: Ballistics 

Choose between 2 forms of vests:

Ballistic vest (Shield gates [armor gates vintillo in this case] and takes damage once it does.), and Metal jacket (reflects projectiles to the assailant)

The vests stay on for you and allies in close proximity. once toggled, the vests taking damage wear off, starting on 100% going down.

3rd ability: The Shield of Galeon / Field of Barbed wire 

Spawn a Riot shield once toggled,/Spawn a field of barbed wire

The shield automatically regenerates health to vintillo and his allies (like revujenation x2) once held. Hold [LT] when the shield is out to distract enemies (range is up to the build). Press [RT] to melee enemies (this can be used over and over combo wise, but costs energy each proc.). Hold [RT] to slam the shield causing a seismic wave that could knock enemies back or even kill them if they are damaged. (NOTE:you can NOT use any weapons while the shield is active)

The field of barbed wire can only be place on the ground. The barbed wire immobilizes enemies, and slow tougher ones down once inside. The barbed wire procs slash damage 95% of each tic.The field of barbed wire can only be placed twice but can be detonated and proc a long lasting viral and slash around the vicinity by holding the ability button again.the barbed field (like a bulwark for atlas) has it's own health before destroying.

4th Ability: Gatling Gun / Sentinel 

Choose between personal or physical assistance.

Using the Gatling gun gives an aura that increases status chance to 100% to allies held weapon for a short time. Shooting the gatling gun drains the energy pool 5pts per shot.the gatling gun is it's own toggled trigger form so he can use other one abilities while in 4th. Kills with the gatling gun drops ammo for your recently used weapon and has a 45% chance to drop energy.

Spawn a custom roller eximus that assists you in battle. The roller eximus dices between different types of powers (energy Leech, which does give you energy overtime,but stops, arson etc.) When it's not moving it forms into an automatic sentry turrent that is capable to block choke points in various missions. Vintillo can give the sentinel orders of movement whenever close to it (choose between follow, stay, or rendezvous, which it follows the lowest health warframe and assists them, then returns to vintillo.


It would be nice if I could get feedback on the concept, thanks a bunch!

                            - Itz SwirlZz

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