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Kubrow Loyalty bug


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I'm pretty sure this has been a long-running issue that everyone has been suffering from when it comes to having an actual Kubrow with them: take a Kubrow with full loyalty into a mission- my pet never dropped from loss of health nor did they die- and when it's done, you come back to find, to your absolute horror, that their loyalty has dropped a whole 60%.  

I've personally been seeing this issue having STILL EXISTED ever since Khora was first announced.  I was hoping to do a sort of Kubrow/Kavat sort of run going for the cat-lady, and yet the dog's loyalty has dropped faster than anything I've ever seen happen before, regardless of going down or even dying.  


DE, I know you've got quite a lot to work on, but please for the love of God and all things good in the cosmos, fix this before people just outright give up on the Kubrows, keeping them in stasis until the end of time.  #SaveTheKubrows

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