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Best place to farm Wukong


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In total there are 2 Liths, 3 Mesos, 3 Neos and 4 Axis.

Right away I can see myself grabbing my Saryn and doing the Interception on Sedna which has a 10% chance between 7 Neos and 3 mods on rotation A and guaranteed Axis for rotation B and C between 7 relics.

I'd probably do Io for the Mesos... for as long as I can stand it.

Liths would be a low level defense. 


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On 2019-07-08 at 9:14 AM, (XB1)Cubic Clem said:

I recommend trade chat, too..

Also, anyone noticed when taking Wukong out of the foundry you can't access the iron staff and mod it until you're lvl 10? I'm pretty sure I was able to mod mesa's weapons directly after claiming her.. weird.

Noticed this when I crafted Ivara too, I think they changed it so you can't do anything with exalted weapons until you can activate them. Seems to have been a stealth change as it wasn't in any change logs, and I definitely remember modding Titania's exalted weapons before I unlocked Razorwing

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