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Nauseating Screenshake In Grineer Survival


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I don't know where exactly to put this, general bugs seems most appropriate.


I've noticed today that during any Grineer survival mission, when you get to around wave 15 onward the screenshake just becomes unbearable. Because there are so many Bombards/Napalms that spawn it is next to impossible to avoid your screen shaking around like a baby in a washing machine. Worst of all- no matter where you are on the map, any explosion at any distance will still shake your screen (if only a little bit, compared to the shake you get actually fighting enemies).


Could we perhaps tone it down a lot?

Between this and the constant knockdown/pulls, melee with a heavy weapon and Volts spamming speed... It'd almost be funny, but I don't want to risk a liquid laugh.

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