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Connection lost to host u will be returned to main menu


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This usually means that there's one of two issues, both related to load times.

It could just be that your load times are so long that the mission is being completed before you load in. In that case, you should start by going into the settings menu on the launcher and clicking on "Optimize download cache." It will take a long time, the first time you do it, but if you do this after every patch, it will usually be much faster, and it usually helps a lot.

If your system is stalling at one point, for a long time, during loading, it might be causing your connection to the host to time out. Depending on when/why it stalls, here's a short list of tricks that may or may not do anything for you, but have worked for some (but not all) of my rigs in the past.

1. If your CPU is below minimum specs, or you don't have a GPU, gut those graphics settings. Set everything to Low or Off, except anti-aliasing, which usually runs fastest on Medium, for most people, for reasons. If this solves the problem, you can try turning things back up, one by one.

2. Go to the launcher menu, and look for "Multi-threaded Rendering." If it is on, turn it off. If it is off, turn it on. The Warframe works in mysterious ways. If this makes the problem worse, obviously you should change it back.

3. If you have an old ANSI hard drive, make sure that ANSI mode is enabled in your motherboard BIOS. That one might just be me.

4. InB4 some smug bro tells you to buy a $4000 computer. If your system meets the minimum specs, but still isn't loading missions properly, open a support ticket, before you start throwing cash at the problem.


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Other things to try that seem to resolve this problem, at least for a few months.


Update all your device drivers.

Disable any power saving settings on your graphics card, unless they are already off. Then try turning them on. Make sure to restart the machine between testing these.

If you have a dual core processor, try binding the warframe.exe process to only one core, or setting the process to a lower or higher priority than "normal.".

I currently have one machine that does this, and another that used to, but doesn't anymore. Finding the magic combination of settings for some of my patchwork machines is an endless quest.

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