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Index bug


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One of the new mission of Nightwave require to do 3 wave of Index and not letting the ennemy team score. I did 3 games of Index and on the 2 first run, everytime at the end of the second wave, if my team wants to stay, the counter resets and we get stuck on the choice screen where you decide if you wanna leave or stay. We can't even press escape to leave the mission we have to press alt+f4 to force the game to quit. When I get back to the game I just lost my money and the nightwave mission didn't take anything into account.

On my 3rd run, my team wanted to leave so I decided to do so by changing my choice at the last 2 seconds and it made stay in the game, get killed while the host was migrating and stay stuck on my death, not being able to respawn, talk in chat or press escape to leave the game.

Am I the only one to get these kind of bugs ?

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