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The Game Is Frame Skipping?


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It tends to happen more on Infested missions, or with large amounts of Corpus. I have everything set to default (medium shadows, medium textures, no Nvidia) but my computer has 2 graphics cards, so I know it can do better, and besides even if I lower everything I still experience skipping.


I have the game running without 64 bit mode (removes Steam overlay) and I have mutilthreading turned off. This is all on Solo.


Maybe it's not "skipping" but it's sure as hell lagging.

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I don't know what exactly is frame skipping, does it look like a hiccup ? If it does, disabling vertical sync will fix that problem. When I ran warframe with vertical sync on it seemed like for every 3-4 seconds, there would be a millisecond hiccup and it was very annoying. 

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