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Simulacrum update


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Hi everyone, I want to express mi idea about a new update for the simulacron which could be great (or at least I think so)

PD: Sorry If I have spelling or grammatical mistakes

Simulacron is the best way to test weapons and blah blah blah, but, and here comes my idea, It would be great If we could change the map to any of the stages that we have and/or maybe the ones which are use to make the maestry challenges. 

Why? you will be asking.

1. I think a lot of people go to simulacrum and try out the friendly fire, to test weapons, strategies for conclave (just joking), or mostly for fun.

2. Sometimes is very difficult test combos beacuse of how much the weapon push enemies.

3. Because it will be cool to do duels (like in dojo) but with differents scenarios and more space.


See you in-game tenno

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