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Spectral Vanguard [Specv] Is Recruiting.


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Greetings, Tenno! 


Spectral Vanguard [sPECV] is currently recruiting for our Warframe clan and our online gaming community. As much as we love and adore Warframe we enjoy others games as well on the side. We have a highly active clan, members online at all times and from all over the world. Feel free to check us out! 


+100 members

Highly active

All clan research completed except for: Synapse and the various consumables, but those are being farmed for! 

Teamspeak 3 VOIP ( We require this for membership and during clan events ) 

Social clan with plenty of channels and games/events/people to keep you occupied

Website/forums/event calendar to keep you in the loop

Helpful, friendly, and all around good membership to get to know!

All skill levels welcome! We are VERY newbie friendly. We have a good mixture of beginner and advanced players.


You want to know what it's like hanging out with us? Feel free to check out some of our clan videos on Youtube! I'll link a recent Warframe specific one down below here: ( I HIGHLY recommend the Star Conflict ones... good times! :D ) We're just trying to have some fun and we're toally messing with one another in this video... haha... no shortage of humor in our clan. 



If you're interested in talking to us/learning more through Teamspeak or in-game chat, pm me on the forums for the details and we can have a nice chat and you will be more then welcome to hangout with us for a bit. 


Take care, all... thanks for your time and for reading! ;)

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As Zekail so eloquently put, we do indeed 'do stuff'.  Warframe isn't the only game we play (although it remains our largest), we have people playing Hawken, Borderlands, Final Fantasy XIV and Guild Wars, to name but a few.


We also make a point of keeping ahead of the curve for the Dojo and clan research, the second DE releases patches that include research content, we're pooling resources and building rooms to make sure that our members (that would be you) have access to this stuff as early as possible.  After all, what's the fun of having a totally OP, super-cool weapon unless it's also pretty exclusive?


Additionally, there's always people willing to help you out with void runs and derelicts to get that last part you just can't find.  A lot of our members are veteran players and will have a large stockpile of keys built up.  Sometimes this experience comes with actual skill and knowledge but not... always.


To butcher a line from JFK;

My fellow Tenno, ask not what you can do for Spectral Vanguard, but what we can do for you!
~ Hollow_Knight
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If you're looking for a clan in anticipation of the new update... look no further! Come check us out. We have plenty of spots open and all of the current research completed. We have been active for over a year and we will keep on kicking. :D


Add me on Steam, message me in-game, or just simply join our Teamspeak 3 server and poke an officer.



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