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GPU Fan Ramping


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So I was in the foundry refreshing some minerals when all the sudden my fans ramped all the way up. Having my frames locked and staring at a simple menu, I thought it was weird that there was such a load. I quickly pulled up some resource monitoring and my GPU was only at 30 C but the fans were running at 3500 RPM.

Never had this happen before, and thought maybe it has something to do with the weird crashes that came with the Wisp update, and hopefully contributes towards finding a fix. RX580 8GB, in case anyone is wondering. Also, nothing similar has occurred in any other game I've been playing.

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I have had problem as well with my AMD RX 580 and Radeon Software 19.5.2 randomly makes graphics card go max fan speed. Something to do with zero RPM mode being buggy by going max fan speed instead, as the problem does not happen with Wattman's Zero RPM off.

So far, Radeon software update 19.7.1 works fine without the max fan speed problem.


I use AMD 2400g Vega 11 32 GB, and AMD Rx 580 8 GB, with all monitors plugged into integrated graphics, with BIOS/motherboard settings set to integrated as primary, and Hybrid Graphics (switchable graphics) enabled. Good to save watts and reduce heat output when not running games.

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