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Rescue Sortie 7/7/19


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A day late, I know, but while I was here for something else I thought I'd mention it.

I was doing the rescue sortie on the Grineer Sealab tileset and 3 runs in a row I would free the hostage, but they would just stand next to the pod and the game didn't seem to register that the hostage had been rescued. The timer would disappear, but it wouldn't show a waypoint for extraction. It's not that weird so far since AI is really stupid most of the time and it's become pretty common for the game to hangup like that, but the issue was that the hostage would just drop dead for no reason (not downed, dead). The first time I had immediately run ahead and thought the game just glitched and didn't inform me that the hostage was downed. Although it wouldn't let me extract either way which was odd, so I ran back to the hostage area, then the death visual played and I find their body laying next to the pod. The second and third times I stayed at the hostages side, defending and watching to ensure nothing killed them and they'd just keep dropping dead about 30 seconds after being saved.

Finally, on the fourth attempt the hostage moved from the spot, the game gave a checkpoint, and the game let me extract. 

All done in solo, by the way.

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